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People Id love to meet

Dylan Moran, David Tennant, Michael Rosenbaum (Lex Luthor in Smallville), Johnny Depp, Pete Tong, Peter Kay


Looking at Dylan porn, windsurfing, sailing, looking at Dylan porn, karate, swimming, looking at more Dylan porn, dancing, drinking.....did I mention I liked Dylan porn??

Jam Mafia events

The Jam Mafia gatherings I have attended are:

JamMIT '08 - Liverpool, June 2008: "Strawberry jam in an envelope." ~~ WE CHOOSE TO BELIEVE ~~
JamMIT '08 Part Deux: JAM HARDER - London, Dec 2008: THE WOOWOO THAT WASN'T.
JamMIT '09 Episode 1: THE SAGA BEGINS - Feb 2009: Culture Clash - Chucky-egg & Camembert
JamMIT '09: FRINGE - Edinburgh August 2009: The real Hogwarts is in that bin.

Coming soon:

September 2009

The Dylan shows I have been to are:

Three Fellas in Liverpool, 14th June
Falkirk, 21st September
Findhorn, 24th September
Inverness, 25th September
York, 2nd October
Manchester, 18th October
Glasgow, 4th November

Oxford, 23rd November

Brixton, 1st December
Manchester, 13th February
Birmingham, 14th February
Glasgow, 18th February

Coming soon:

Dublin, 11th September
Dublin, 12th September

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Psychology student if you could really call that an occupation.


more animals


more animals

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    User Infostatus offline116 Points


    Pingu, pingu, what to say more ... The only utterance of your name means enough ... and puts you as one of the greatest Jam Mafia members ever!
    Would love to meet you and share my fangirlness; maybe in February? ;)

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    bad ideas bear

    User Infostatus offline20 Points


    Like penguins on fire jumping into a sea of crisps!!!!!!

    That is all.